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Collaborative Fabrication & Design

Copp Creature Shop

Mattarocchia Copp

Copp Creature Shop

We're Maddie and Justin Copp of Copp Creature Shop

Maddie is a published illustrator, sculpter and trained puppeteer, and Justin is a DIY robotcist, sculpter and amature puppeteer, radio personality, voice actor, and digital media maker.

Together we founded a puppetry and animatronics production studio, producing puppet shows on Youtube, and providing puppet, creature, prop, animatronic, and sculptural services to the greater new England area, and maybe someday the world!

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Aries Custom Works, Inc.


Aries Custom Works, Inc.

Aries Custom Works was founded by Jon Hondorp in 2007 in order to continue his long history of providing custom built components for the art, theatre, film, museum, and business communities in and around New England. Our workshop also provides space for the development and production of ACW designed home and garden elements.

Our Services
•Custom Carpentry - Fine and Scenic
•Faux, Scenic and Fine Finish Painting
•Light Millwork
•Light Metalwork
•Interactive Displays
•Custom Mold Making and Casting
•Design Development and Samples
•Custom Sewing and Softgoods

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