Graphic Designer

Children's book designer by day, maker of miscellany by night


As a recent graduate from an MFA program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in the 3D design program, my work focused greatly on conceptual furniture objects. This two year program developed my craft and creative skills, which aided in re-envisioning interiors and developing new interactions within the domestic and public spaces. Functionality, purpose and form have fueled my design work to create new narratives among artistic objects.


Accordionista, singer, illustrator, with a focus on the fantastical and the geeky.


If you are a creative professional and in need of a portfolio that will look great on desktop computer, tablet,or phone, check out my service at I am a local artist and web designer with a studio in Union Square. Contact me at

Meagan O'Brien

Born in New York, 1986.
Graduated from Alfred University School of Art & Design, 2008.
Studied BFA Design + Illustration.
Currently residing in Somerville, MA.

Emily Arkin

Editor for digital scholarly publications by day, and a musician/artist/event organizer by night. Emily has played rock guitar and violin in bands for a dozen years (after jumping the fence from classical)--in bands The Operators, Quincunx, and Shepherdess and Somerville music collectives Handstand Command and Compound 440R.

The Feather Forge

I've been making things with whatever I could get my hands on for my entire life. My interest in design eventually lead to a masters degree in architecture, which has given me a good grounding in the design process and collaborative work. My current work is focused on bending wire into interesting shapes and ornamenting it with random found objects and beads, mostly as jewelry, and the occasional digital artwork or graphic design project.

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