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October 2012 Salon: Public space! and public fun!

October 2012 Salon: Public space! and public fun!

Wed., October 10, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

191 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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Salon examining public space and public fun.
From flash mobs to guerrilla art, creative people have been spending more and more energy livening up public space.

We'll hear from James Cobalt, who is the director of a local flash mob group called the Boston Societies of Spontaneity. James will talk about how and why Boston SOS began, the challenges of organizing underground events, and the surprising results (not always positive) of some of the 40 flash mobs and events he's organized.

We'll also hear from Mary Goodman, who has been organizing semi-underground events around town since 2009. Mary will tell us about her 2011 "Wandering Cricket Night Market," which involved people using rented Uhaul trucks as the stage for performances and temporary art installations.

Organized by board member Tim Devin.

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