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April 2012 Salon: Comics

April 2012 Salon: Comics

Wed., April 25, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

191 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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Where Muppets, Line Art, and Central American Politics Meet

This salon invites to step into the shoes of local comics creators, learn the ropes and join in a discussion of the construction, business and influence of the comic craft in modern society.  Curated by Len White.

Braden D. Lamb, an illustrator, comic artist, and animator will discuss the composition of a comic page, from the basics - such as the purpose of putting gutters between panels - to the advanced - like balancing the distribution of text on a page.

Shelli Paroline, a cartoonist by day and a designer by later that day, will discuss how artists, writers, and editors play different and important roles in bringing a comic to life.

Finally, Joel Christian Gill will present recent work he's done bringing comics into politics in recent elections in Belize.

In the spirit of the French salons of old, discussion with and among attendees will be integrated with guest presentations.


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