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In a Somerville Yard

In a Somerville Yard

09/11/21 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

32 Shore Drive, Somerville

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Join us and we begin August 11 with Zili Misik and Project Misik.  

Zili Misik, founded as Zili Roots, began in 2000. Encouraged by founding members Ifè Franklin and Laurie Goldsmith, Kera Washington founded Zili to feature female musicianship and roots music of Haiti, connected with siblings throughout the African diaspora: New World Soul.

Through Project Misik: IN A SOMERVILLE YARD, Zili Misik and featured guests (Solomon Murungu, mbira; Harrison Tei, Ghanaian drum & dance; Peniel Guerrier, Haitian drum and dance; and Becky Bass, steel pan) will spotlight music and dance from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago.   

We invite ALL into a space to learn a little bit, play music and dance and most of all to HAVE FUN WITH EACH OTHER!!!

Location: All Events will take place at the Blessing of the Bay Boathouse Park, on the grassy area. 

Final event on Sat. Sept. 11th at 1 p.m.

Join Us for this Project Misik Celebration in a Somerville Yard where we will be joined by ALL our featured guests: Becky Bass, Peniel Guerrier, Solomon Murungu and Harrison Tei !!  ALL four artist will lead another workshop and we will end with all in a participatory performance!! We will provide instruments, you bring YOU (and your dancing shoes)! 

For more information on this event and Project Misik go here:

Join us for a distinct workshop with selected guest artists, each week from 6 to 8 p.m.:  

  • Aug 11th (RD 8/12) is Harrison Tei & Solomon Murungu
  • Aug 25th (RD 8/26) is Peniel Guerrier
  • Sept 1st (RD 9/2) is Becky Bass
09/10/21 7:00 PM
06/26/21 5:00 PM
Ouvèti performance by JAE