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Civil War Memorial

Medium : 

Other Titles: Memorial to Soldiers and Sailors, American Valor

1908. Dedicated May 31, 1909.

Medium: Sculpture: bronze; Base: granite.

Inscription: Augustus Lukeman 1908 (On front of base:) 1861 UNION 1865/TO THE/MEN/OF/SOMERVILLE/WHO SERVED THE UNION/ON/LAND AND SEA signed

A Union soldier marches with an angel walking behind him. The angel's right hand hovers protectively over his head and her left hand carries a flag. The soldier is dressed in an overcoat and with his right hand carries a rifle over his shoulder. 

Public Art Location: 
Central Hill Park, Highland Ave
93 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA west of Library
Somerville , MA
United States
42° 23' 12.6276" N, 71° 5' 53.2284" W
Massachusetts US