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Inside-Out Gallery June exhibit, works by Rachel Eng & Kyle Macado

Inside-Out Gallery June exhibit, works by Rachel Eng & Kyle Macado

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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This month’s exhibit Where Do We Come From conceptualizes abstract notions surrounding questions which we are unable to rationalize, revealed through an infinite reflection into the imagination.

Where do we come from, works by Rachel Eng and Kyle Macado

About the Artists:
Rachel Eng
Kyle Macado
SOMERVILLE, MA- As humans, we can choose to seek answers to the unknown or unattainable facts of life. We can place faith and trust in particular answers to questions we are unable to rationalize. Our thoughts can be fluid and subtle, shifting like waves breaking far out in the ocean. It can be unsettling and mysterious to allow one’s mind to not have a definite reasoning for something from the past or in the future. But there is a beauty in the boundlessness of the human mind; our imaginations are infinite, our neurons creating endless connections as long as we allow them to grow.
Two artists have created separate window installations in Davis Square, bound by the connected theme of limitlessness. Eng, who has a background in ceramics, has constructed a mirrored space with a lustrous ceramic landscape of microfauna and organisms that are familiar but foreign to our world. The installation changes at night to become an infinite realm of their limitless growth. Machado who studied English at Tufts University has created a space with a clear delineation of inside and out, using text that subtly reveals itself with each passerby.
This project was made possible with support from a grant from the Somerville Arts Council and Mass Cultural Council.

About the Inside-Out Gallery
Initiated in 2009, The Inside-Out Gallery is located in the CVS Window in Davis Square, a unique space that allows the public to view an eclectic array of works from artists and local organizations each month. The mission of the Somerville Arts Council is to cultivate and celebrate the creative expressions of the Somerville community. Through innovative collaborations and quality programming we work to make the arts an integral part of life reflective of our diverse city.