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Magical Masa: An Evening of Venezuelan Cooking

Magical Masa: An Evening of Venezuelan Cooking

Tue., January 23, 7:30pm to 10:00pm

3 Washington Street, Somerville

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Your teachers, Carolina Garcia and Carolina Salinas—the dynamic duo from Caracas, also known as "Carolicious"—will show us how to use the ever-versatile masa to make several different Venezuelan dishes.

Venezuelan cuisine is as diverse as the country’s geography, which includes tropical, coastal, and Andean climes. Within Venezuelan cuisine, however, masa, a versatile grain made from cornmeal, is used as the base of a variety of dishes. In this class the Carolinas will lead you through making their signature arepas, a Venezuelan staple that is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Arepas are griddled masa cakes filled with flavorful stewed meat, cheese, or vegetables. You will also learn how to prepare Venezuelan empanadas, savory pastries traditionally made with meat and cheese. A popular side dish in Venezuela is hallaquitas or bollitos, depending on what region you are in. No matter what you call them, hallaquitas are a delicious dish consisting of masa stuffed with cheese and sweet peppers, then cooked in corn husks. Following this hands-on class, we'll sit down and feast together. A gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly class; yet meat fillings also an option.

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