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Peruvian Cooking with José Barriga

Peruvian Cooking with José Barriga

Tue., December 5, 7:30pm to 10:00pm

3 Washington Street, Somerville

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José Barriga, Executive Director and Founder of the Cambridge Food Lab, will bring the cuisine of his home country alive during a Night of Peruvian Cooking.

Peru is currently considered the gastronomy capital of Latin America with its enviable reputation for cuisine after winning the top prize at the prestigious World Travel Awards two years in a row. Historically, Peru is home to the tomato, quinoa, and over 3,800 types of potatoes. Learn how Peruvian cuisine reflects influences from the indigenous Incas and cuisines brought in with immigrants from: Spain, China, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Africa. You will learn how these global influences created modern Peruvian cuisine as immigrants modified their traditional cuisines by using ingredients available in Peru. Your evening will begin on the Peruvian coast with Ceviche, an appetizer of raw fish and shrimp that cooks by marinating in fresh lime juice. Indigenous Peruvian ingredients such as tomato, quinoa, and over 3,800 varieties of potatoes take center stage in a hearty Quinoa Stew and the classic Peruvian highland dish, Papa a la Huancaina, or potatoes in a creamy chili sauce. No meal is complete without wine or, in this case, Sangrîa. Learn to make your own for your next celebration!

If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie or hat. Everyone is encouraged to bring their appetite!

For questions or concerns regarding foodborne allergies or any other inquiries, please e-mail

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