Vegetarian Friendly Ethiopian Home Cooking

Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 27 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Chef/Owner of Adey Foods, Meqdes Mesfin is back in the Nibble classroom to offer the know how for the Ethiopian food amatuer or enthusiast.

Meqdes presents Ethiopian cuisine as versatile and approachable for the novice and professional chef alike. Each spicy and flavorful stew is merely a base for a variety of ingredients, from beef and poultry to lentils and split peas. Meqdes shows this versatility through making dishes such as kikalicha, a spicy and flavorful split pea stew that can easily be adapted for meat eaters, but will be presented as vegetarian in this class. Taste gomen, braised collard greens typically cooked with Niter kibbeh, a clarified butter infused with ginger, garlic, and spices that goes well on just about anything. Slow-cooking is integral to Ethiopian cooking, which is why Meqdes presents dishes such as missir wot, a spicy red stew using lentils as a base. Lentils play a prominent role in Ethiopian cuisine and we'll round out this tiraditional meal by making azeefa, a simple green lentil salad with lemon and herbs. No Ethiopian meal is complete without injera, a sourdough, spongy flatbread made with teff flour that is used to sop up the variety of spicy stews and salads found in any Ethiopian spread. This is your chance to learn about the Ethiopian culinary norms surrounding the table, eating family style, and using utensils...or not.

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