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Winter Warm-Up: Spicy Somali Cooking with Nimco Mahamud-Hassan

Winter Warm-Up: Spicy Somali Cooking with Nimco Mahamud-Hassan

Tue., February 13, 7:30pm to 10:00pm

3 Washington Street, Somerville

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January Artist of the Month, Nimco Mahamud-Hassan, is leading a Somali cooking class that is sure to warm you up during the cold February weather. 

Aside from being recently named Artist of the Month, Nimco is a veteran cooking instructor and avid gastronome who uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in her cooking. She will share with you dishes and flavors from her home country of Somalia, while ending with a favorite from her other former home, London. Nimco's vast international experience extends into the kitchen where you will learn how to make sanuunad duqad ah, a Somali stew with ground beef as a main ingredient in a richly aromatic sauce. For this dish you will learn how to make every element, from the ground beef to the stew itself. Nimco will also teach us how to make basaaf akhtar, which she refers to as the “Sriracha of Somalia” for its spice and versatility. This spicy green chile sauce that is a wonderful compliment to sanuunad duqad ah. Nimco says that she will spare your palates from having to taste the less-than-scrumptious desserts of Somalia. Instead Nimco will take a more international approach by presenting banoffee pie, a culinary treat from London where she lived before calling Somerville home. She will even teach you her go-to process for making caramel at home. This class is a mix of demonstration and hands-on cooking that is not to be missed.

Tix are available here.


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