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The Jellyrollers

The Jellyrollers

Saturday, October 27 2:00 PM

4 Liberty Ave. , Somerville

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A few summers ago, Blues singer/harmonicist J. Place went to the House of Blues in Cambridge, MA to have lunch with a belly dancer. On stage was acoustic guitarist Bertrand Laurence, paying homage to the root music of Mississippi, New Orleans, and Chicago. Sensing a connection, J asked to sit in and the Jellyrollers were born. Strictly acoustic, they now include Mickey Bones on drums and things, Rob Rudin on drums and spoons, Robbie Phillips on wombat bass and jaw harp and Mark ChĂȘnevert on clarinet. They have played at the Boston Blues Festival and the Lincoln Center (NYC). Both high-spirited and heart-felt, the Jellyrollers have a filling for the hole in your soul. -- Brett Milano.