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BJ Magoon & Driving Sideways

Makanda Project, ca. 2015

BJ Magoon & Driving Sideways

Saturday, June 15 5:00 PM

850 Broadway, Somerville

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BJ Magoon

BJ Magoon & Driving Sideways consists of Liz Rain (lead vocals, percussion), Jay Kustka (lead, slide guitar/vocals), Gary Jenkins (bass/vocals), Michael Glenn (drums), and BJ Magoon (lead vocals, guitar).

The group is known for playing a mixture of Blues, Swing, Roots, Americana, and Rhythm & Soul. First established in the late ‘80s, Driving Sideways has been playing regularly at venues in and around the Boston-area for decades, drawing from material from artists including Allen Toussaint, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, BB King, and many more.

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