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Lush Landscapes from featured March Artist, Kate Harmon

Lush Landscapes from featured March Artist, Kate Harmon

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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For the month of March, the Inside-Out Gallery is pleased to showcase the works of Brickbottom artist, Kate Harmon.

About the Artist
"My aim in painting the landscape is not to imitate what I see, but to capture the essence of what struck me about a scene or image to begin with, whether it’s color, composition or mood (or something else indescribable), and to share with the viewer what I feel, for example, when shadows in the snow become a marvelous blue or magic reflections appear in a river or lake.  Through the process of experimentation, of adding paint and taking it away, I hope to create within the two-dimensional surface a piece that compels the viewer to stop and spend some time, not only with the image, but with the painting itself and the process involved in creating it. 
Currently, I am focusing on the New England landscape.  I am attracted in particular to open spaces, rivers and lakes.  Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as the rural areas surrounding Boston, are the primary places for my inspiration."
Kate Harmon received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University in a program affiliated with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  After a successful career as teacher, school administrator, and entrepreneur, she returned to the study of art at Massachusetts College of Art, where she focused on drawing and painting.  Following her studies at Mass Art, she experimented with a wide range of materials and subject matter, before focusing solely on landscapes in oil.  She finds this to be the best avenue for combining drawing and painting with her love of nature and interest in the effects of light and color. Kate has further developed her approach to landscape painting in plein air classes with noted landscape painters Wolf Kahn, George Nick and Eric Aho.  She has participated in numerous exhibitions in the Boston area, and her work is included in private collections throughout the Northeast and abroad. Her current work focuses on the New England landscape.

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About the Inside-Out Gallery
Initiated in 2009, The Inside-Out Gallery is located in the CVS Window in Davis Square, a unique space that allows the public to view an eclectic array of works from artists and local organizations each month.