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En plein air with Katya Popova

En plein air with Katya Popova

Thu., July 2, 7:00pm

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“En plein air" with Katya Popova. On color, space and time with watercolor from observation in nature.

How to translate the reality of three dimensional space onto a two dimensional page? How to work fast to catch the moment? How to simplify and find your own language to represent the complexity of what you are seeing? How to do all of it, with lines and color? We will try to answer some of these questions in the course of a one-hour video workshop!

In this online workshop, I want to offer the experience of being immersed in a Vermont landscape, working from observation with watercolor.

This workshop is open to anyone with the interest, independent of their skill level.

Performance Link at 7pm:

Support and tip the artist via Venmo @Katya-Popova


Pencil (2B)

Black marker or sharpie

Watercolor paints:  Windsor & Newton or St Petersbourg set

Watercolor paper: Block or Pad

Artist tape white

Watercolor brushes: Sable brushes, Red Sable Brushes or Majestic or Superior Sable Hair

Any container for water

Any palette to mix your paints (paper plate would do!)

Some backing to hold your paper  (a piece of foam core or strong cardboard would do the trick)

Rag/piece of cloth/papertowel to dry your brushes

Katya’s work samples

Exhibit 2020 

More watercolors -


A little about the process (SOS 3 min. video)