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Liz LaManche

 Liz LaManche

Liz LaManche

Tue., May 19, 7:00pm

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Liz LaManche, “Paint some ART on a WALL”

...stuck at home and want to make your place more fun? Want practice painting big art on a wall? I'll be demoing a live project decorating garage doors with a mandala design, a project you can do yourself with stuff you have at home. Follow along this easy DIY! Bring your own designs and we can talk about how to do them.

Some useful supplies:

  • Paint (natch)
  • Brush (roller? Sponge?)
  • Masking tape
  • Nails and string
  • Paper, printer, scissors or xacto knife
  • Cereal box cardboard

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Venmo: @Liz-LaManche


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