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Highfalutin with Joshua Hahn 

Highfalutin with Joshua Hahn 

Highfalutin with Joshua Hahn 

Tue., June 30, 7:00pm

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"Highfalutin" with Joshua Hahn 

Description:  highfalutin \hī-fə-ˈlü-tᵊn\


Also: first appeared in 1839, perhaps from HIGH + alteration of fluting, present participle of flute

Experience the inspired solo flute music of composers throughout history who made their most significant creative breakthroughs by experimenting with the solo instrumental genre and by using emergent music technologies. Flutist Joshua Hahn is your guide to music by Bach, Paganini, Saariaho, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), Jacob do Bandolim, Hahn, and… YOU!

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Joshua has been serving on Castle's board since 2018.