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From Taking to Making Photographs with Shane Godfrey

Prizeland, Shane Godfrey

From Taking to Making Photographs with Shane Godfrey

Thu., May 28, 7:00pm

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You don’t need a fancy camera to make interesting photographs, just interesting light. That’s one of many tips you’ll walk away with after this short and sweet demo with Shane Godfrey. He’ll shed some light on what you should look out for in order to take your photography with any camera, to the next level. Sit back and enjoy this step by step guide of common lighting scenarios, how to move around a subject, and how to compose in order to engage your viewers!

This presentation will have three parts. The first will be a short presentation of some of his work and discuss his personal process in approaching a longer term bodies of work as well as in the moment picture making. In the second part, Shane will do a live demo photographing himself, or an object (still working this out) and discuss the basics of what he is looking for in light quality and composition when making images. The third will be a Q&A section.

Presentation Link at 7pm:

Donation Link to Support Artist: Venmo- @shanegodfrey
Instagram: @shanegodfrey