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Stefanie Weber/Creatures of Habitat

Stefanie Weber/Creatures of Habitat

Friday, June 20 8:30 PM

570 Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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Stefanie Weber presents Auto Mobile Body Works is a space-specific adventure in action-based art that both imagines and reveals an integration of human and auto bodies. The Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Public Performance Project utilize video projection, movement, music, and vehicles in paved spaces, parking garages, lots, alleys, abandoned industrial atmospheres and car wash bays to bring persistent metaphors to life. Sculptural regalia and intentional visual limitations for all the bodies present transport the viewer into a mythical world of blurred lines between real and imagined.

The audience is an active participant, traveling to 4 separate locations to view the work. For this production meet at the Ice Rink alley and travel from there.  Auto Mobile Body Works is like a breathing chapbook of individual physical poems that are bound together by a vocabulary versed in intimate texture, dystopian concept, female fierceness, and cultural investigation.

Original video by Stefanie Weber and Greylock Productions
Choreography by Stefanie Weber and Creatures
Performers: Ione Beauchamp, Diane Firtell, Dawn Meltzer, Shira Wohlberg, Stefanie Weber and guests.
Sculptural regalia by Stefanie Weber
Music used by permission of Thomas White/Electric Soft Parade

Stefanie Weber/Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Public Performance Project
Stefanie Weber began the Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Performance Project in 2001 to artistically and somatically explore connections between behavior, environment and a collective psyche she believes human share with the rest of nature. She has brought her Creatures and creative visions to life in the extremes of a barn deeply embedded in the woods of Western Massachusetts to the Philly Fringe; from top level parking garages to the slums of Nairobi. The collaborative nature of her work has included partnerships with a wide variety of impassioned workers and creatures on planet Earth.