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Anna Myer and Dancers

Anna Myer and Dancers

Thursday, June 20 8:30 PM

Conway Park
Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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Present Hoop Suite

Renowned for her physically and visually innovative choreography, Anna Myer and Dancers celebrate 20 years of outstanding dance performance. Her current work, Hoop Suite, is a heart-pounding inner-city rap-opera that features inner-city teen artists from the North American Family Institute’s Youth Link and combines hip-hop, modern dance, violins, cellos and basketballs. The piece encourages inner-city teen artists to explore dance, drumming, poetry and behind the scenes technical work in a professional setting. Hoop Suite debuted this summer on basketball courts turned into theaters-in-the-round in Roxbury and Dorchester. It is set to music composed by prominent composer Jakov Jakoulov. The company will also perform the world premiere of Hindsight Now, an emotionally charged work about transformation. Nine dancers perform to music composed by noted composer Igor Tkachenko set on violins and four cellists.

“Hindsight Now” dancers:

Modern Dancers:  Marissa Molinar, Adriane Brayton, Erin Washington, Jeremy Howe, Mary Ellen Liacos, Joe Gonzalez, Ronnie Thomas, Amauris Ortega

“Hoop Suite” dancers:

Modern Dancers:  Marissa Molinar, Adriane Brayton, Erin Washington , Jeremy Howe, Mary Ellen Liacos, Joe Gonzalez, Ronnie Thomas, Amauris Ortega

Hip Hop Dancers:  Milly Flowers, McKersin Previlus, Ron Jacques, Jeryl Pilapil,

Spoken Word: Tu Phan, Moire Pirsch, Daniel Rivera, Deisha Lee, Tiella Grimes, Selina Johnson

Rappers: Anthony Marshall, Jonathan Baptiste, Lavars Alexander, Ricardo Josue,

Singers:  Jonny  Coulanges, Selina Johnson

Music Composed by: Jakov Jakoulov and Igor Tkachenko