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Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree

Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree

Sunday, May 12 8:00 PM

93 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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Audra Carabetta

The first performance in our Dancing in the Streets series.  Will be held on Sunday due to bad weather on Sat.

Brian Crabtree has been making dances in the Boston area for fifteen years, ranging from the purely abstract to the plainly emotional. He has made dances using props, from material based on improvisation, text, and photographs. For the festival, he will show four dances that rise from the floor and eventually wash across the space. Although not directly related, the dances have a cogent physical progression. The first piece is a small excerpt from a larger dance called “Dalliance,” which is a duet for two women and apples. The second work is a new duet called “Shiftless” that takes place around and in two chairs. The third work is a duet featuring Crabtree, Alison Ball and two spatulas to a score by Brahms. And the last piece features a trio that performs a big and sprawling work, set to music by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Crabtree frequently collaborates with Audra Carabetta, whose creative process involves an exploration of gesture—improvised and choreographed—and technical movement phrases. She also will be presenting four works, taking the audience on a journey through time, deconstructing space with images that are inspired by everyday life experiences and human interactions. Dancers will interweave their existence in time and space, playing with a complex language of movement that is full of irony, reality, emotion and impulse. The first piece, “Rewind,” features Audrey MacLean, Andria LaRocco and Brianna Bailey, and experiments with recurring themes, spatial patterns and movement sequences within a long hallway of light; the score is by the Books.  “Remnants” is a lively, athletic piece danced by six women, whose movements reflect the passing of time and the memories we leave behind. “Waiting” is a duet performed by Andria LaRocco and Brianna Bailey, which analyzes the need for quiet moments amongst life’s chaotic reality. The fourth piece is a new work- in- progress set to music by Zoe Keating.