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Contrapose Dance and Quicksilver Dance

Contrapose Dance and Quicksilver Dance

Saturday, May 31 3:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Contrapose Dance, photo by Steve Wollkind

Rain Date:  Sun., June 1st at 1 p.m.

Contrapose Dance, under the artistic direction of Courtney Peix, will present eight sections of a current collaborative work with scientist/photographer Larry Pratt via a grant from the NSF/National Science Foundation.  HoverDive is an evening length performance made in collaboration with scientist Larry Pratt, musician Amber Vistein, and costume designer Jennifer Varekamp. Considering elements of fluid dynamics, chaos, and entropy -- all elements of Larry Pratt’s oceanographic research -- the piece explores ocean life, communication as seen in that environment, and the circularity of it all. 

Quicksilver Dance, under the artistic direction of Mariah Steele, will present three selections, choreographed by Steele.   The Constant Effort of Beginning, with original music composed by Ryan Edwards, celebrates the cycle of ecological life.  Caesar and Cleopatra imagines how the storied relationship between these historical giants may have developed into partnership and romance, while always remaining equals.  And the final piece, On the Threshold of Memory, set to original music composed by Ryan Edwards, investigates the hazy space between knowing/not-knowing, sensing/perceiving, visualizing/remembering the internal world of our memories. 

Contrapose Dance, founded in 2008 by artistic director Courtney Peix, is a Cambridge-based repertory company that presents modern, contemporary, and balletic works; and aims to bring a continued fresh energy to the theater scene, by commissioning innovative works, collaborating with unique artists, and producing high quality dance art. Through these commissions, Contrapose Dance actively expands its completely original repertory, working with emerging and established choreographers including David Parker (NY), Marcus Schulkind (MA), Sydney Skybetter (NY), Gianni Di Marco (MA), Nicole Pierce (MA), and Heidi Rood (Canada). To date, Contrapose has participated in fifty+ performances and has twenty five original works in its repertory. The company has received funding from the Somerville Arts Council, the Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency, and is currently working with scientist/photographer Larry Pratt via a grant from the NSF/National Science Foundation.

Mariah Steele/Quicksilver Dance is a modern dance company based in Cambridge, MA. Using anthropological inquiry and artistic exploration, Quicksilver’s dances delve into contemporary and timeless issues to inspire reflection and imagination and to spark new perspectives and cross-cultural dialogue. Quicksilver Dance has been presented at esteemed venues in both Boston and New York City including MIT, the Boston Center for the Arts, Summer Stages Dance, Harvard University, Princeton University, SUNY Purchase, Dance Theater Workshop and Brooklyn's John Ryan Theatre. Quicksilver’s Artistic Director and Choreographer, Mariah Steele, holds a BA in Anthropology from Princeton University and an MA from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, where she studied using dance in peacebuilding. In 2013, The Boston Globe named Steele one of six “rising talents” in the Boston arts scene.