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We are pleased to announce the production of, Erê.

Erê is the youth consciousness of the "new one" in Candomble, and the word comes from the Yoruba and means "to play". In this project, the Praticutucá brings to children audiences Black, Indigenous and people of color composers and authors from Brazil.

We, as Brazilian artists, know how precious our art is but, on the other hand, we question how amazing composers and writers could be unknown by some Brazilian all around the World. We also recognize that the fact of being black, indigenous or people of colour makes it even harder to be in the media and spread our art. Adding to that we know how important it is to children of Brazilian families, who speak Portuguese as a heritage language, recognize themselves and their families  at the Local tv and social media productions. 

This is how Erê was born, as an arm of the Praticutucá project, to honor, respect and show the BIPOC Braziilian composers and writers to the Brazilian kids living in Somerville. We truly believe that a city who respects the variety of their community makes bonds with them and grows stronger.

The first 3 episodes are:

  • Amoras (Blackberries) - With the book Amoras and songs Casa (HOme) and Passarinhos (Birds) from the Brazilian rapper Emicida;
  • Pela minha janela (Through my window) - With the book Pela minha Janela - Otávio Junior and the Songs Favela - Tom Jobim and Rap da felicidade (Happiness Rap)- Cidinho & Doca
  • Meu crespo é de rainha (Happy to be Nappy)  - With the book Meu crespo é de rainha - Bell Hooks, translated by Nina Rizzi and the song Respeitem meus cabelos, brancos (Respect my hair, white people) - Chico César.

Erê videos will be hosted at the City of Somerville EdTV (Channel 15) and at the Praticutucá youtube channel (

The Erê videos are created by Rejane De Musis - Coordinator, storyteller and singer;  Ebinho Cardoso - Music director, audio and video editor; and Ian De Musis - piano.

In a Somerville Yard
09/11/21 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
09/10/21 7:00 PM
06/26/21 5:00 PM
Ouvèti performance by JAE