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Utsav! A Fest of Punjabi & Sikh Culture


Utsav! A Fest of Punjabi & Sikh Culture

Sat., September 7, 4:00pm to 8:00pm

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Enjoy food, traditional dancing, and Gatka martial arts, complete with swords!

Utsav is an Indian word meaning “feast-day” or festival. Our festival celebrates Punjabi and Sikh culture and traditions including Bhangra dancing, Gatka performances (a form of martial arts using swords and other weapontry) and performances by Dhandis who are a group of Sikh historical religious singers. Also look forward to lots of delicious homemade food provided by the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Society and more entertainment and booths through the evening!

The Program Lineup for Utsav includes:

1. Kirtan music
2. Jindua Dance by Kids
3. A talk about Sikhs by Kulbir Mangat
4. Gidda Shaunkna Da
5. A talk about Sikhs by Navjeet Singh (SALDEF)
6. Girls Bhangra from CT
7. Yoga - Ek Ong Kar Singh Khalsa
8. Bhangra - Saadi Sheran Naal Yaari
9. Giddha - Teeyan Teej Dian
10. Gatka Team from NJ
11. Bhangra - Fauj
12. Jago
13. Open Dance and Live Music


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