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2019 Artist of the Month Celebration

2019 AOM group at gala in January

2019 Artist of the Month Celebration

Wed., January 22, 7:00pm

191 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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Join us to celebrate our 2019 Artist of the Month

Come out to meet and hear from the artists:   Liz Lamanche, Ken Field, Maria La Creta, Tom Bianchi,  Suzanne Lubeck, Sonya Larson, Judelande, Faye Dupras, Charles Marchany, and Elizabeth Hunter.  

We'll have short presentations by each artist, free food, and a gift to each artist.

Many thanks to Bill House, Matthew Kaliner, Kerrie Kemperman, and Tori Weston for organizing the  2019 AOM series this year!