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Forró Zabumbeca

ArtBeat Flip theme; art work by Kari Percival

Forró Zabumbeca

Saturday, July 14 4:30 PM

246 Elm St., Somerville

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Forró Zabumbeca, Photo by Michael E. Kerpan

Forró Zabumbeca plays the infectious dance music of Northeastern Brazil – forró – on diatonic button accordion, rabeca (rustic fiddle), seven string guitar, and a truckload of percussion. The quartet has been animating underground dance parties in Somerville and Cambridge since 2013, tuning local dancers' and audiences' ears and hips to the intricate instrumental compositions of master musicians such as Zé and Luizinho Calixto, Geraldo Correia, Dominguinhos, and Luiz Gonzaga – as well as their own tunes rooted in the tradition.