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Activities on Traffic Island and Environs

Activities on Traffic Island and Environs

Saturday, July 18 12:00 AM

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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All Day    Nibble Open Kitchens!
Check out the Nibble table where our culinary entrepreneurs will be vending. Here's your chance to sample Cactus juice, Somali samosas, Indian trail mix and Colombian sweet treats. We’ll also have plenty of info about upcoming Nibble “pop-up” restaurants. Nibble books will be for sale for a special sale price of $10 and pick up a free hot-off-the-press Union Square Market guide.
All Day    M.U.S.C.R.A.T. 
SCATV is teaming up with the Somerville Arts Council to gather stories about Davis Square, then and now. What did this community used to be like? How does that compare with today, and what do you see in the future? These stories will be collected outside the M.U.S.C.R.A.T. Storytelling Bus. Come on in, take a seat and hear what your neighbors have to say! There will be free popcorn!

All Day    Loop Around! Knitting on Traffic Island
Davis Square’s traffic island will be transformed by loops of yarn with a community knit-in. Knitters and crocheters alike are invited to join the Nave Gallery in producing pieces for a fall installation that will take place in one of Somerville’s parks. The installation, part of the gallery’s Wrap Around Project which supports and promotes the work of the Somerville Homeless Coalition. Knitters and crocheters will add to the installation by creating pieces that will be included. There will be lots of yarn on hand, so bring your needles and hooks and join us for a yarnstorm.

All Day    Open Air Circus
Presents stilting, juggling, diabolo (Chinese yoyo) and a whole bag of tricks!

All Day    Butoh Cheerleaders
For the Butoh Cheerleaders, cheerleading is an empty state of mind/feeling which influences the body physically for team motivation and audience entertainment in order to direct spectators of events to cheer for sports teams at games or to participate in cheerleading competitions based on the surrounding environment.