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Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree

Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree

Saturday, July 18 3:00 PM

55 Davis Square, Somerville

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Audra Carabetta will be showing three works. Take My Hand is a trio that plays with repetition, circular movement, and a theme that continues to cycle back to the beginning. The second piece is called From Here To There; a duet and quartet, where the dancers move in a continuous circle, only breaking free for very brief moments. The final piece, In our Heads, will be performed to the music of Kronos Quartet. 

Going along with the theme of looping, Brian Crabtree plans to create a new concert version of a piece made for Dance In The Fells as well as reworking an older piece. The piece, Comb, was performed on a beach, and used an accumulation of material that morphed from solos to duets to quartets. The new version for Artbeat would be pared down to around ten minutes, with a new score. Mr Crabtree will also be presenting two sections from Routine Splendor, a dance completed in 2014 to the music of Chopin.