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Artbeat 2014

Artbeat 2014

Fri., July 18, 6:00pm to Sat., July 19, 10:00pm

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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2014 theme: Hatch!

ArtBeat is one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals, with over a dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food and hatch-themed activities.

We like to think of Somerville as a giant incubator, one in which ideas, dreams and art percolate and ultimately, hatch. And so, this year's ArtBeat theme is "hatch," a celebration of our city's creative endeavors. "Hatch" evokes many things: chirping chicks breaking out of their shells, emerging creative projects and scientific break-throughs, and indie businesses busting onto the scene. Let's also consider "hatch" as a noun, as an opening or compartment in a ship, car or building—places where things can be stashed away from the public eye. TV fans might recall the mysterious "hatch" on Lost, a buried steel entryway to the subterranean Dharma Initiative Station. We look forward to your creative interpretations of this year's ArtBeat theme. Dancers might explore emerging from a confined space; tech-savvy artists might share newly hatched innovations in robotics; an artist collective might showcase work that has been created collectively, within an incubator; pet lovers might organize a photography exhibit of newly hatched critters or stage a puppy parade. It's time to bust out of our shells and let our ideas... hatch.



Date Time Locationsort descending Performance
July 18 6:00 PM Along Bike Path Waterlily Sky
July 19 12:15 PM Elm St. Stage The Eight Tracks
July 19 1:00 PM Elm St. Stage Abbie Barrett & the Last Date
July 19 2:00 PM Elm St. Stage The Novel Ideas
July 19 3:00 PM Elm St. Stage Shirim Klezmer Orchestra
July 19 4:00 PM Elm St. Stage Mario Santiago y Radio Mambo
July 19 (All day) Elm Street Plaza Knucklebones
July 19 12:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Slow Boat Home
July 19 1:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Puppet Playtime
July 19 2:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Professor Tea
July 19 (All day) Inside/Out Gallery Hatch Public Art @ Inside/Out Gallery
July 19 (All day) Near bike path & Buena Vista Road Sleep Cycle
July 18 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Beantown Social Club
July 18 7:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Lookie Lookie
July 18 8:00 PM Seven Hills Stage André Obin
July 18 9:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Edan
July 19 11:30 AM Seven Hills Stage Boston Tamu Samaaj
July 19 12:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Branches Steel Band
July 19 1:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Petty Morals
July 19 2:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Grand Fatilla
July 19 3:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Willie J. Laws
July 19 4:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Guillermo Sexo
July 19 12:30 PM Somerville Theater Luminarium Dance Company
July 19 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Four Dance Shorts
July 19 3:30 PM Somerville Theater Zoe Dance Company
July 19 2:00 PM Statue Park Curious Creatures
July 19 (All day) Throughout the festival Activities on Traffic Island and Environs
July 19 (All day) Tree at Corner of Dover and Elm Pollination
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