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Birds, Butterflies & Pots

Birds, Butterflies & Pots

Saturday, July 21 11:00 AM

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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Each year we're pleased that local artists tackle our theme.  Look for them and their work to experiece your own migratory transformation.
As an experiment in building social networks Clay Ward is giving away (hiding) pottery at fun events and out of the way spots around town every day this summer! He will be hiding four pieces of pottery in and around ArtBeat and sending out clues on the day of the event. Go to Clay's website to learn how to sign up in advance to receive clues to find cups, teapots, or vases and jars... or all four!

Be sure to search for the folded paper butterflies containing song lyrics throughout the Square for people to pick up and clip to their clothes. Hannah Verlin’s project is designed to disseminate the butterflies—and their songs—throughout the crowd.

Finally, people of all ages are invited to take part in Laura Evonne Steinman's “Soaring Somerville,” a community happening in which festival goers will use stencils to create sidewalk chalk images of birds that migrate to and from Massachusetts (See Friday activities for information on helping to create these stencils).